World Topics

At every school in the Nobel Education Network, a different “World Topic” guides the academic programme and campus life. These themes reflect the school’s future vision and often its location.

At Amadeus International School Vienna, the theme of Music and the Arts – reflecting the city’s long history as a centre of music and the – enriches every aspect of the learning experience.

Music and the Arts

A student’s life is a work of art in real-time. From theatre and visual arts to dance and music performance, Music and the Arts provide students with the tools necessary for personal expression, harnessing their emotions and stirring their passion.

Artistic forms of human expression are deeply tied to history and culture. This is especially apparent in a city like Vienna, and we harness that atmosphere and inspirational environment.

At Amadeus Vienna, we use Music and the Arts as a flexible, project-oriented, and interdisciplinary component of our educational philosophy. Music and the Arts enhance student engagement, develop well-rounded, creative and confident individuals, promote teamwork, and benefit academic performance.

Our academic programme enables students to explore their talents, find their strengths, gain further expertise in areas of interest, and grow as individuals. Students of all artistic inclinations, levels, and talents are welcome, supported and successful.