Our Music and the Arts Programme

Our Music and the Arts programme nurtures appreciation, provides enrichment and enables specialisation:

  • Appreciation: Music and the arts classes in the core curriculum
  • Enrichment: Elective classes in the co-curricular programme
  • Specialisation: Mastery and performance in the student’s area of interest

Within each tier, students are guided along a programme path which will suit almost any individual’s needs and interests. The first two paths are required within the daily school schedule:

Appreciation track: Students gain a breadth of appreciation for Music and the Arts through an exploratory adventure where sounds, rhythm as well as other building blocks of Music and the Arts are explored in a welcoming environment.

Enrichment track: The classroom instruction is enriched through a variety of topics around Music and the Arts which students take during the academic day.

Specialisation track: This final path is an elective path chosen by the students, who can fine tune their talents in a fun and professional environment of small groups or one-on-one instruction (dependent on the field of instruction). Students aiming at a professional career in Music and the Arts can audition for the Amadeus Vienna Academy, which provides a highly individualised path.

  Early Years 1–2 Early Years 3–Grades 5 Grades 6–10 Grades 11–12
(core curriculum)
Music and the Arts
4 weekly lessons
Music, Theatre, Visual Arts
3 weekly lessons
Music, Theatre, Visual Arts
6 weekly lessons

Applicable if student chooses Group 6
(co-curricular programme)
Choir, Orff, Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts
6 weekly lessons
Extended Music, Theatre, Visual Arts
3 weekly lessons
Class of choice 3 credits
2 weekly lessons
(extracurricular activities, paid for through credit system)
 — Activities of choice
4 credits*
 Activities of choice
7 credits
 Activities of choice
7 credits

*No credits are included for students in Early Years 3.

Find out more about the credit system here.