Amadeus Vienna Academy

The Amadeus Vienna Academy is an integral part of our school that is dedicated to developing young artists aiming at a professional career. We recognise the needs of highly talented students by supporting them on a highly individual path while not ignoring their overall academic development.

After an audition, students accepted into the Amadeus Vienna Academy work alongside internationally recognised instructors, gain from Master Classes and enjoy many performance opportunities on our campus and at other venues across the city.

At the end of each semester, students in the Amadeus Vienna Academy take part in a jury to help prepare them for real-word auditions or university entrance requirements.

Masterclasses and Workshops

Masterclasses at Amadeus Vienna are taught by local and international experts, who inspire and guide students towards mastery of their talent. Workshops provide small groups of students with the opportunity to improve technique, style, and craft.

International Connections

Amadeus Vienna believes in the importance of providing an international perspective for students, and strives to achieve cross-cultural connections by partnering with institutions from all over the world. These partnerships provide the opportunity for students to explore various cultures, exchange skills and talents with others, and create long-lasting friendships. Our international partners include:

Any school interested in becoming an Amadeus Vienna partner is encouraged to contact us via

The Goh Family Collection

The Goh Family Collection of string instruments is well known in Singapore. Dr Wilson Goh and Mrs Karen Goh, both dedicated musicians, generously loan instruments from their collection to top students at Amadeus Vienna for use in competitions, concerts and recitals. We are very grateful for this generous support.

Some of the important instruments in the Collection are:

A. Stradivari violin 1711 G. Pedrazzini violin 1909 M. Gadda violin 1980
T. Balestrieri violin 1783 R. Fredi violin 1909 I. Konya violin 1985
D. Tecchler cello 1730 E. Soffritti violin 1890 G. Dollenz 1/2 cello 1830
G. Guadagnini cello 1780 D. Regazzoni violin 1956 P. Pilat violin 1898
P. Testore violin 1759 G. Pollastri violin 1958 J. Toth 3/4 violin 1920
P. Testore cello 3/4 1720 G. Craske violin 1847 H. Zimmermann cello 1844
C. F. Landolfi violin ca. 1780 E. Menesson violin 1888

The Goh Family Collection also consists of a number of fine bows, including:

J. Henry cello bow W. E. Hill and Sons violin bow A. Nurnberger violin bow
E. Pajeot cello bow P. Colas cello bow L. Bazin violin bow
F. Peccatte violin bow J. Gaude violin bow C. N. Bazin violin bow
E. Sartory violin bow G. Wilson violin bow C. Bazin violin bow
E. Sartory cello bow J. Tubbs violin bow
W. E. Hill and son cello bow J. Gaulard violin bow