Early Years Centre

Our Early Years Centre at Amadeus International School Vienna encourages students to become independent learners, and enables them to make connections between life in school, life at home and life in the world. We believe that helping students see that learning is connected to life helps establish a strong foundation for future learning.

A Typical School Day

08:00–08:20: Arrival
08:20–15:10: Core day including breaks, daily physical education lesson, music and the arts
15:10–17:00: Optional afternoon activities

Curriculum and Approaches to Learning

  • Inquiry and project-based learning methods promote individualised learning
  • We meet all requirements of the Austrian curriculum
  • Early Years 1–2: specialist teachers in Music and the Arts
  • Early Years 3: specialist teachers in German, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Physical Education

Mixed Age Groups

  • Early Years 1–2 for children aged three to four
  • Early Years 3 to Grade 1 for children aged five to six