University and Career Counselling

Amadeus International School Vienna prides itself in helping students achieve the culmination of 12 years of primary and secondary education, either at University, a music conservatory, or other vocational training.

  • Beginning with our Grade 9 internships, our academic and Music and the Arts staff guide students toward understanding their strengths and passions and how they best align to a future career.
  • Each student is assigned a staff mentor to assist in balancing the IB Diploma with college preparation, including standardised testing (ACT and SAT), developing a powerful set of application essays, and managing the admissions deadlines and processes during a busy Diploma term.
  • Students seeking careers in vocation, including a music conservatory or other vocational training, can take advantage of skills assessments, mock university performance-based entrance auditions and finding programs around the world. We bring in world-renowned musicians to help create networks for our students.

Our intention is to support our students to take their next steps in the country of their choice and in a best-fit programme for their career aspirations.