School Doctor and Counsellor

School Doctor

Our school doctor provides optional general healthcare to all students to ensure a healthy and hygienic school environment. The doctor is on-call 24 hours a day and visits the Amadeus Vienna campus one day per week [specify – which day of the week] for appointments. In addition, the school doctor also offers check-ups for new students, vaccinations and student health workshops. In case of emergencies, students will be taken to one of the local hospitals and our school doctor will be notified and assist if needed.


The role of the school counsellor is to assist students in any emotional, social or developmental matter that could affect their well-being and performance at school. Additionally, the counsellor participates in the development of school policies that promote positive life habits.

The counsellor observes students’ interactions within and outside the classroom (e.g., in the playground), holds meetings with parents and guides teachers. The school counsellor also provides one-on-one support to students.

Primary School

Children express their thoughts not only with words, but also with their behaviour. Through games, stories and conversations, children and the counsellor analyse conflicts, find creative ways to solve them, and practise social skills in order to build strong self-esteem.

Secondary School

Puberty and adolescence are natural phases in development where individuals start defining themselves and questioning their social relationships. Students can meet with the school counsellor to discuss emotional and social issues as well as life goals in a friendly environment. Students are encouraged to practise analytic reasoning, make choices and commitments, use practical tools to cope with conflicts and implement problem-solving strategies.