Student Support Services

Navigating administrative and logistic details in a new country can be challenging. Our experienced admissions team are on hand to help arrange school shuttle pick-ups and drop-offs, support students submit residence permit applications, and check all students have the appropriate medical insurance coverage.

We also have a school doctor who ensures a healthy and hygienic school environment and a school counsellor who supports students in their personal development. In addition, our University and career counselling services help students in taking their next steps.

School Shuttle for Day Students

Amadeus International School Vienna offers a transportation service to enable students to get to and from the school. Our shuttle operates on school days, morning and afternoon, with door-to-door service. Students under the age of four are accompanied by an adult. Parents and guardians may book the shuttle service on a yearly or termly basis.

Residence Permit for Boarding Students

Amadeus Vienna requires all boarding students to have legal permission to live in Austria. We can help coordinate the residence permit and the provision of legal guardianship. The residence permit fee is payable for the initial application service in the first year the student starts. The yearly service charge is payable for the renewal of the permit in all the following years the student attends Amadeus Vienna.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance coverage is mandatory for all students in Austria. If the student’s existing medical insurance plan does not meet the Austrian requirements, the student will be required to purchase private medical insurance for the entire academic year upon enrolment. The medical insurance fee is payable yearly.