Boarding Philosophy

“Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.” — Christian Morgenstern

The goal of the boarding programme at Amadeus International School Vienna is to provide high quality care in a positive, safe, supportive and fun environment. Our experienced boarding staff creates an ideal learning environment to support the students in their academic and extra-curricular activities, as well as their social development. Living in structured independence, students learn the key skills of organisation, communication, negotiation and respect for others.

Amadeus Vienna’s Boarding Values
A cceptance                           V itality
M otivation                            I ndependance
A ctivness                              E ntertainment
D iversity                               N urturing
E mpathy                               N atural
U nity                                     A dventure
S ecurity & Safety

The boarding facilities at Amadeus Vienna are closed during the three longer vacation breaks in winter, spring, and summer. Boarders normally return home during this time.

Weekly Boarding

Amadeus Vienna also offers weekly boarding (Monday-Friday) for students coming from nearby locations, such as the countryside of St. Gilgen or Vienna’s neighbouring city of Bratislava. Our weekly boarders reside Monday-Friday on-campus and return to their families over the weekend. To find out more about our boarding programmes, please contact our admissions team.