BOARDINGBF boarding kids

Life in boarding at AMADEUS Vienna:

  • Physical activity
  • Fun and entertainment
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Social education and team building

We are aware that boarding is a new experience for many of our students. Our boarding staff members strive to make AMADEUS Vienna a ‘home away from home’, both for new students and those familiar with boarding. It is possible to become a boarder at AMADEUS Vienna starting in Grade 6 (from age 12). The students are assessed for admission along the same lines as all other students of the school.

Boarding outdoor balls

Our residential and non-residential boarding tutors all have degrees in pedagogy and years of professional experience. They are well aware of each student’s individual needs, providing both guidance and a listening ear. They supervise our boarding students’ homework after the school day and on weekends, and where required, monitor the boarders’ free time. They make sure the boarders have plenty of opportunities for recreational activities as well. Our boarding tutors are on campus during all non-school hours.

Food is an important part of feeling comfortable away from home. We have our own chefs, who prepare a variety of international food on site. All meals for our boarding students are served in our school cafeteria. Three meals and two snacks a day are served in the school cafeteria. AMADEUS Vienna provides a diet that is both balanced and healthy. In addition, we are also able to accommodate special food requirements.