Our Leadership Team

Head of School

Chris Greulich has worked in Australian and Austrian international schools for over twenty years as a teacher, sports coach, and senior manager, and is the father of two teenagers. As Head of School, “Mr G” and his team work hard to nurture the developing minds, talents and characters of our students.

Head of Secondary School

For twenty years, Emma Roomes has worked in international schools in Colombia, Vietnam and Austria, and in state schools in the UK. Originally an English Literature teacher, she has also spent much of her career in administration, including a number of roles as Head of Secondary and Deputy Head of School. She has a focus on academic excellence and creates an environment in which students feel at home in a close, caring and supportive community.

Head of Primary School

Adelheid Gruber embodies the spirit of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and Learner Profile. She holds qualifications in primary education, special needs, Montessori methodology, sports coaching, and has additional experience as a mother of two daughters.

Head of Music and the Arts

Mitch Sims advocates the development and support of music and the arts in education. He values the idea that the arts harness emotion and passion in the quest for knowledge, ideas and new cultures. At Amadeus Vienna, he guides students to realise their artistic dreams and passions as well as extending and focusing their vision as artists.

Business Manager

Alexandra Gruber received her accountancy UGB and IFRS from WIFI. In addition to working in the financial sector, she has travelled abroad performing as a symphony flautist. She brings her passions for business and music to Amadeus Vienna, while promoting efficiency and success for the school.