Exactly a week ago, our 2nd and 3rd graders from Ms Sharbutt’s class had a very successful Science Fair in AV. The Class Reporter, Mariya Vilkul, has written a report about how the Science Fair went. Below is the report:

“This unit of inquiry was called “How the World Works” and our Central Idea was, “Energy exists in many forms and may be changed, shared and stored in different ways”.

We started this unit reading about a bunch of different types of energy. We practiced taking notes about the main points. We learned how to read like scientists, by noticing facts and asking questions. We learned how to write a Hypothesis, and how to test if we were right or wrong.

Next, we decided which forms of energy we wanted to learn more about. We split into partners or small collaborative groups. We did a lot of reading and researching about our project, and brainstormed ideas for our posters and our experiments to make our project more fun.

Finally, we finished our books, “All About Energy” and were ready for our next Publishing Party! Almost all of our parents came. Even some grandparents and aunties! We had snacks and a lot fun explaining about our projects and what we learned. All in all, it was a huge success!”