If you had passed through the school last Wednesday, you would have heard unfamiliar sounds, which would make you feel as if you were somewhere on the shores of West Africa. Your thoughts would not have been far off since we had important visitors who brought in their special drums from Ghana, which our students had the privilege of playing.

We were honored to have Saliah Razak (Sally Goldenboy), a Ghanaian musician and the chairman of Sorinatu organization, spend an entire day, and run music workshops for our students. This was to show gratitude to AV for raising money to support the projects of the organization during last December’s AV Winter Wonderland. Sorinatu is a Non-governmental organization based in Salzburg, Austria, which is into building schools and providing education and support for the less privileged children in the rural parts of Ghana. At the end of the day, there was an assembly during which the proceeds from winter wonderland were donated to the Sorinatu organization.